The idea of the program is to attract customers who go through their institution and possibly someone dares to come, assuming the high prices and limited selection. The program will help bring clarity to potential visitors, tell what prices will look like your meals, all of which offer at the right time. By placing the TV screen rotates 90 degrees to the window without doubt seen a greater number of visits. This also saves you the daily menu of rewriting on a blackboard. Stay ahead of others!

Demonstration video

Video customers see in the window of his restaurant. Demonstration screen FullHD LED TV 1920 * 1080

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The attention to detail is largely determines the successful implementation of business ideas.

Richard Branson.
(The founder of Virgin Group, comprising about 400 companies in various fields.)


The software, which attracts customers to you

  • Show photos of your time specified menu
  • Menu display gives the time of day
  • Menu display as weekdays
  • Changing the standard display menu on the blackboard
  • Built-in editor to display the menu on the blackboard with handwritten sources
  • Built-in editor menus and image upload
  • Remote management via a network
  • The program is independent, you do not need Internet
  • Different types of boards
  • Flexible configuration for any resolution of the TV screen
  • Easy to configure
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    The need for the program:

  • TFT / LED TV
  • Computer without a monitor or a computer in the bar with access to the second screen card and graphics allows you to rotate the image of the second screen 90 degrees
  • WiFi or LAN for remote control of the menu (optional)
  • You have to hang on a cable or placed on a TV stand or window box

    I want to buy

    42-42 tele quite put in the window of the bar.

    ~ 280-370€

    or if you have a used TV, then the costs are zero.

    Mini PC

    Put a Mini PC, good, nice and cheap .

    ~ 105€

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    Software InfoMenu

    Easy to use, easy to configure. Help with adapting their photos 1.5 € / 1foto



    Our advantages

    Compared to other digital menu for cafes, bars, restaurants, our solution is cheaper than others. You can use conventional TV, not the monitors, which offer other companies. Monitor the size of 40 inches or more are much more expensive than conventional TV, because the monitors are buying less.
    Conventional computer to control the software will be much cheaper than dedicated controllers for monitors. Search the Internet, there is not even written in the prices of such expensive units.
    The program menu is written so it was convenient and easy to use, therefore, do not need to have the skills of the designer or painter.

    The program interface is translated into English, Russian, Ukrainian, Spanish, Italian, French. If necessary, it is not difficult to add other languages.

    Just 3 easy steps!

    Easy to add your dishes on the table.

    Make several small options menu (15-25 positions) of the dishes already introduced (weekdays / weekends / menu in the morning / day / evening), and also the main proposals on the board.

    Make a schedule that shows the each menu in each time.

    The photos

    The photos are required for any program of digitale menu.
    We propose to invite the person who has the skills to photography or try to do it themselves. For pictures of their dishes is enough simple camera (better SLR, the best mobile phone is not used). Place the dish on a table with white cloth or paper. Behind the plate place a white paper. Then photograph each plate with a flash. So the photos are better quality.
    You can then process them in Photoshop, or send us your original photos for further processing.

    Everything is clear, I want to buy it.